Mid-Atlantic Regional

Congrats to our semi-finalists: Augean Robotics –  Bounce Imaging – Circalux – EXG Wearable Devices – Spand-Ice – Velocity Robotics

Congratulations to our Mid-Atlantic Regional Finalist, Velocity Robotics

Northeast Regional


Congrats to our semi-finalists:  Aam Care, Inc. –  Tranquilo – LeakSpotter –  Raybaby – Sleepbox – Yank Technologies, Inc. – CHU


Congratulations to our Northeast Regional Finalist, Sleepbox!

East Coast Regional


Congratulations to our East Coast Regional semi-finalists: OrthoFit Inc – AssistENT – Marta Ali Studios – KnoNap – Lilu – Vidura Tech


Congratulations to our East Coast Regional Finalist, Lilu


Southern Regional


Congratulations to our Hardware Cup Southern Regional semi-finalists:

SYNDEO – TeamLocShark – Kwema – Abraxas Technology – Somatic Labs – SenceTech


Congratulations to our  Southern Regional finalist, Somatic Labs

West Coast Regional


Congratulations to our Hardware Cup West Coast Regional Semi-Finalists:

Lumenus – Leo Aerospace – SimpleSense – In-vehicle Vending System – Urbavore – Hoolest Performance


Congratulations to our Hardware Cup West Coast Regional Finalist, Leo Aerospace!  

Midwest Regional


Register To Attend

Regional Event: April 3 at Chicago Connectory 

Applications are now closed for the Hardware Cup Midwest Regional! Check back soon for our semi-finalist update. 



Watch as 6 physical product companies from around the global compete for the $50,000 grand prize from Startbot. Stay for the after party to meet each company, network, and eat and drink with us!


AlphaLab Gear Hardware Cup International Finals & IEEE Keynote Event

6 pitches. 4 minutes. $50,000.

April 18, 2018

Ace Hotel – Pittsburgh

5:30 PM


 Featuring Keynotes from

Dr. Judith Williams: former Global Head of Diversity at Dropbox

Kelly Hoey: Forbes’ “1 of 5 Women Changing the World of VC/Entrepreneurship”