AlphaLab Gear National Hardware Cup Finals


Watch as the nation’s best early-stage hardware startups from 9 cities across the US compete for the $50,000 Startbot Grand Prize investment!

Regional Finalist Startup Companies:

PalpAid Pittsburgh

PrintLess Plans– Washington DC

Water Hero– Boston

Dog Parker– NYC

Rufus Labs– Los Angeles

Lucid VR– San Jose

Ellie Grid– Austin

Mohop– Chicago

BotFactory– Wildcard: Audience Award Winner


Aymerik Renard SanDisk VC

Melissa Withers– BetaSpring

Gregory C. Borchardt–¬†Caerus VC

Josh McElhattan– Startbot VC

Craig Asher Vital VC

Tom Jones Draper Triangle VC

David Motley Blue Tree Allied Angels

Pitches will be 4 minutes long with 5 minutes of Q & A from nationally renowned VCs.


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