Innovation Works is proud to present the latest AlphaLab & AlphaLab Gear companies for our spring Demo Day. AlphaLab & AlphaLab Gear, two of the nation’s top-ranked accelerators, have helped launch some of Pittsburgh’s most successful, rising startups.

We’d be happy to connect you with these companies or any of our Innovation Works portfolio companies you may find of interest.  Please contact Gary Glausser gglausser (at) innovationworks (dot) org to schedule a meeting.

Companies presenting include:

autopods  Autopods is revolutionizing short-distance urban transport. Our micro-taxi service utilizes custom electric pedicabs built to the highest US road standards along with a mobile app to provide on-demand urban transport and targeted advertising opportunities for local businesses.
BREATHEWISE The BreatheWise gas sensor system allows gas distributors to see real-time supply and usage data at each of their customers’ sites. The system automatically determines and continuously communicates data on a gas cylinder’s size, fill level, and usage rate to improve delivery route planning and future demand prediction.
CF-logo-Hexagons Carbon Freight focuses on bringing innovative products to the secondary aerospace structure market. Our first product is a PMC sized air cargo pallet that is 20% lighter than the market standard, can be repaired 10X faster than current products, and has a cost in line with traditional air cargo pallets.
Clarabyte Clarabyte provides a fully automated software suite for end-of-life IT management. Our software platform sets a new standard for data destruction, automated diagnostics, and resale.
Diversame-logo-1 Diversame Inc, creates styling tools with highly textured hair at the center of design. Our first product, The Diversame Drying Tool, is built for the hundreds of millions of women across the curly continuum who want to manage their hair without the use of harsh chemicals.
Endorsevent Endorsevent helps companies build relationships with diverse audiences through targeted event sponsorship, helping them achieve their diversity hiring goals.
flagtag-logo flagtag redefines location-based advertising with a gamified approach that motivates users to “capture” virtual flags in targeted places.
forest-devices-white Forest Devices has developed AlphaStroke, the first device that screens for stroke across all point of care environments, and can be used by all medical personnel. In less than 2 minutes, an EMT on an ambulance or an ER doctor in a hospital can confirm or rule out suspicions of a stroke, thereby getting stroke patients the treatment they need faster and reducing unneeded CT scans for those without stroke.Interphase Materials is a chemical company that has developed proprietary technology to prevent bio-fouling (e.g. barnacles, mussels, algae, mold) on hardware without leaching toxic chemicals into the environment.
FoxblossomCo_PrimaryLogo Foxblossom is a women’s lifestyle brand that creates unique, customized gifts for weddings and other occasions. Our expert team of designers and artists make gift giving a more personal and seamless experience.
Mighty-logo-180h@2x-1 MIGHTY has created a new home improvement experience and is transforming the $325B industry with a new approach and technology for general contracting.
Sickd-Logo Skick’D helps banks manage their credit card reward programs and the $50B of rewards based liabilities. We use predictive analytics and leverage the hidden spending power in customers’ reward balances to push custom redemption opportunities from our retail network.
twined Twined provides a single destination where consumers can easily discover and explore product recommendations from experts they trust.
Viahero-Logo-01 ViaHero is redefining the travel agent by allowing travelers to hire local experts to plan their custom trip. Over 300 million international travelers want trip planning help, yet aren’t getting it. Our Heroes (local experts) give travelers the confidence and independence to travel off the beaten path.
VIT is creating wearable and IoT technology that improves health in the workplace. Our first product, Arc, is a wearable device that helps industrial workers reduce back injuries, which account for 20% of all workplace injuries and cost US businesses $50B a year.


Thank you to our sponsors for making Demo Day possible: