Here’s your first look at AlphaLab Gear’s latest class

See the Pittsburgh Business Times article here.

  • Curl’s Best Friend: Hair styling product line for natural hair aimed at improving styling methods for kinky, curly hair without the use of harsh chemicals; focused on the $500 billion black hair care market.
  • Forest Devices: AlphaStroke, a stroke detection device for EMS that allows for fast diagnosis in a prehospital environment to enable getting stroke patients to the right hospitals faster.
  • Interphase Materials: Proprietary antibiofouling coating for underwater metal hardware that prevents biofouling — the accumulation of organisms such as barnacles and algae on pipes or underwater surfaces — without the use of toxic leachables harmful to the environment. Alternative to toxic hazardous substances to address the growth of organisms on surfaces, as the EPA regulations require changes to the current chemicals. First application is for nautical parts, and long-term focus is medical implants.
  • AutoPods: Battery powered “mini taxi” for short range trips with in/on vehicle advertising supported revenue
  • VIT: Fitness wearables focused on tracking form to prevent injury and to help athletes train more efficiently.
  • BreatheWise: Smart meter on industrial gas tanks to track and report usage, aimed at saving replacement truck time, reducing unnecessary visits, and optimizing routes.
  • Carbon Freight: Lightweight cargo technology with carbon fiber shipping containers that will enable freight operators to move more cargo per shipment and reduces the fuel burden across all modes of transportation.
  • Deighan Designs: Unique, customized wedding accessories including items such as bridal hangers, personalized robes, bridesmaid tank tops, cake toppers and garters.