Francine Gemperle

Maya Design

Francine is a designer and researcher with expertise in gaining insights about people and bringing their needs to the forefront in technology development efforts. She applies a variety of research methods, with a focus on crafting the research inquiry to get to actionable insights for user experience design.  Francine is experienced at sketching new product ideas, teaching, facilitation, project management, planning and design.

With 5 patents and more than 15 publications to her credit, Francine has exhibited and lectured about her work at schools and institutions around the world.

She is currently leading the Human Sciences Group at MAYA Design. Francine headed up MAYA’s training initiative prior to passing the torch to the team who founded LUMA Institute. Prior to working at MAYA, Francine teamed up with engineers at Carnegie Mellon University’s Wearable Computing Group and Robotics Institute.