Manufacturing Aware from Day One

AlphaLab Gear is a nationally-ranked hardware accelerator in Pittsburgh, PA. We guide early-stage physical product companies through a 30-week program, providing funding, office space, education sessions, connections to customers, and mentorship from industry experts. We follow the program with an optional eight-week manufacturing-focused module. We take companies from an initial idea or prototype, through engaging early customers, to fulfilling demand by manufacturing at scale.


We get hardware. And whether you come to us with an idea or a prototype, we’re thinking about what it takes to build it reliably, at scale and at a price your customers are willing to pay. The AlphaLab Gear hardware accelerator provides investment and guides you through a 30-week program and an optional eight-week manufacturing-focused module. Access an instant network of on-site technical experts, investors and customers and grow your startup in Pittsburgh, the center of hardware and robotics.

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Over the last 25 years, Pittsburgh has transformed itself into a high-tech hub, home to innovative startups and tech titans alike. There is no better place to start and grow your company.

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